dumbassness of the year : soulja boy

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dumbassness of the year : soulja boy

Message par odessa le Mer 12 Nov - 21:22

can you believe a black person would say something like this in 2008? Thanks God african teenagers are not this ignorant.

At the recent BET Hip Hop Awards, commentator Toure asked rapper Soulja Boy (I am appalled at the lack of grammar and horrible spelling! I'll admit I have a fondness for standard English.) The exchange between the two went something like this:

"What historical figure do you most hate?” He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa." My jaw, at this point, was on the ground."We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos."

WTF!? Talk about some dumbass ignorance, Soulja Boy tell 'em. And no, he wasn't joking. Pure dumbassness indeed. Soulja is a moron and obviously knows nothing about the history of slavery, the enslaved Africans brought to this country against their will or the blood, sweat and tears that go into producing his ice. All so he can run around acting and looking like an imbecile with his ice and tattoos. Lord help us!

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Re: dumbassness of the year : soulja boy

Message par Silver le Jeu 13 Nov - 2:32

That is very embarrasing statement. I defended him when Ice T and them were dissing him for his cartoonish songs. I knew he was a great rapper but I thought that for a 17 year old to make it and help his family was a positive thing, his music wasn't great but he had age on his side to improve. But this statement of his shows he's really a air-head. Thinking that materialism and tatoo are worth the violence, rapes, humiliation and genocide brought by slavery is disgusting. Doesn't he know that most of the world's diamond actually comes from Africa , the same Africa was one of the first place to introduce tatoo to the world. He needs to integrate college as soon as possible and learn a big deal about his own history. His parents should be jailed for his ignorance.

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