Relationships and technology

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Relationships and technology

Message par *Maadox le Lun 24 Nov - 20:41

Hey Dudes and Dudettes Very Happy ,

This technology thing (blackberries, cell phones, instant messenger emails...) are so wrong for relationships!!! From personal experience and other people experience, i really think that this on-time and real-time access to each other is just dammaging!

Je ne vous dis pas combien des "incomprehensions" mon ex et moi avons eu a cause du text message...Maybe I had used the wrong smiley Very Happy ...SOmetimes, i hit the send button once but he got seven texts Razz ...Oh my God, j'etais traitee de toutes sortes des trucs...Sometimes, i didn't mean it that way, but it came through that way because we used text messages Embarassed ...The other one has to do with cell phones..There was one time, my ex called me and it went straight to vm Very Happy like about 5 times..but really, I was at church and i turned off the phone..He apparently did not get a text i sent him earlier...Je ne vous dis pas la suite Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes ...When i thought about something, it was just a matter of shooting him an email...LOL...God forbid, I said something he didn't like, that was evidence right there Razz
I honnestly started thinking about this "easy" access...ezo boma nde mabala... No Twisted Evil Razz

So my advice...use text for example only "to inform"...no conversations going on through texts...Its polite to call instead of texting. If you text only, that means to me that you got lots to hide and interpretations are just too much.
IM; that smiley you used can just be the wrong thing to say or to do at that particular moment Very Happy ...Usually we don't process our thoughts before saying what we should really say! And if someone is silent for so long, that leaves room for misinterpretation as well Razz
Emails: again, its so accessible and the person can have it and save it as evidence Very Happy .

Did i mention facebook, hi5 etc? Very Happy ...U can find alot about ur bf or gf or a potential date...isn't that scarry? Well, its good in a certain way but i swear, it can be disastrous...I got some stories about those too... cheers bom Basketball Very Happy Very Happy

So what's the moral of the story here? Please remove tech from your relationships! drunken albino Relationships need time and consistency to develop. king

Yours truly tongue pirat

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Re: Relationships and technology

Message par CRyma le Lun 24 Nov - 22:32

I honnestly started thinking about this "easy" access...ezo boma nde mabala... No Twisted Evil Razz

ezo boma mabala ? looooool come on now

En parlant d’incompréhension. Very Happy Laughing Laughing

J’étais au boulot entrain d’avoir une conversation via cell phone texting . I don’t remember what I said, mais j’avais surement usé de mon sarcasme scratch , ce qui fait que mon type avait répondu ‘’ G.F.Y’’.

Shocked affraid Evil or Very Mad un mélange de choque et colère avaient surgie , car j’avais compris ‘’ Go Fuck Yourself’’. Choquée parce que c’était pas dans ses habitudes de parler ainsi, et en colere parce que since when on a ce genre de langage envers moi ? ? ? ? mtshhhhhh Evil or Very Mad

Le soir, j’appelle monsieur pour lui dire que ses propos étaient déplacé bla bla bla bla. Grosses tirade sur un ton très sérieux.

The guy was confuse et ne savait pas de quoi je parlais. Quand j’ai fini par lui dire que je faisais allusion de son G.F.Y ….. loooool quelle ne fut ma honte quand il m’avait dit que le G .F.Y voulait dire ‘’ Good For You ‘’ Embarassed

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