who's buying this?

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who's buying this?

Message par odessa le Mer 28 Jan - 21:41

this is from this week edition of the gossip newspaper the national enquirer. do you believe it?

" Beyonce has spent months gushing over President Obama, and when she was in the same room with him, she couldn't tear her eyes away from him," revealed the source.

" Before things got out of hand, Michelle got word to Beyonce to tone things down or risk being banned from the White House in the future.

" Michelle was also appauled when she found out that Beyonce had pulled strings to get the Secret Service to chauffer her and her husband Jay Z to their car after rehearsals.

And more.

" [Michelle] has a sore spot for Beyonce ever since a March 2007 fundraiser in New York Ciy when her husband was all googly-eyed over Beyonce and asked for her autograph. "

And yet more.

" On President Obama's big night, Michelle was cordial to Beyonce, but gave her the cold shoulder at the inauguration festivities. When Beyonce went to hug her, Michelle gave a forced smile and clutched her hand. "</BLOCKQUOTE>



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Re: who's buying this?

Message par Nappy Soul le Mer 28 Jan - 21:56

I wish y'all could se my gasface right now. I don't buy it. Suspect
I know Beyonce is a airhead but I would defend her on this one.

Nappy Soul

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Re: who's buying this?

Message par Silver le Jeu 29 Jan - 2:45

The National enquirer better leave our first lady alone. She's a classy lady, I don't believe this fake story. Bottom line is anything story with the Obamas in attract people so the tabloids are trying to capitalize on that. Not long ago some gossip newspaper was reporting about Michelle supposedly trying to have another baby. I am sure we are gonna hear a lot of incredible stuff from the media for the next few years. I'll take them with a grain of salt.


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Re: who's buying this?

Message par *Maadox le Jeu 29 Jan - 12:41

lol! ...ah America cherry ...and that is news? or is that gossip? Sleep so who doesn't fantasize on B? or any hot celebrity for that matter? i am pretty sure some women are like, i wish my husband or i wish i had man like O...its all fantasy and never news or reality!!!

But then again, i don't buy it, Michelle got no time for this kind of crap...and for B is level headed...I might tear up if i meet BO...so what?


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Re: who's buying this?

Message par Yoshi le Jeu 29 Jan - 12:47

i believe it a 100%. a catfight between michele and beyonce should be interesting. let's get our popcorn so we can enjoy the show. Very Happy


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Re: who's buying this?

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