An Occasion to Owe

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An Occasion to Owe

Message par CRyma le Lun 23 Juin - 11:42

The EX Daily Word for June 23, 2008

An Occasion to Owe

Matthew 6:2 "When you do something for someone else, don't call attention to yourself. You've seen them in action, I'm sure —'playactors' I call them—treating prayer meeting and street corner alike as a stage, acting compassionate as long as someone is watching, playing to the crowds. They get applause, true, but that's all they get. -The Message Bible

Don't you hate it when people do something for you and then keep reminding you of it? I would rather someone not even do it, than for them to do it and throw it up in my face to make me do something for them or to make me feel like I am in debt to them. That is witchcraft! Whenever you manipulate a person by holding something over their head, it is witchcraft and God is not in that! We are to be a blessing to people, not an occasion for them to owe. When you do something for someone, forget about it and allow God to bless you for it. Did you know that if you bring it up, you forfeit your reward? God said that if you seek to get applauded for it, then that's all you will get in return!! So, keep your mouth shut once you do it so you can reap the blessing God has in store for you.

Even in marriages and relationships, people sometimes hold on to what they have done for you as a form of manipulation! They won't let go of what all they have done for you, how they forgave you for certain things that you did to them, or how they came to Christ first and brought you in when you were still a sinner! When you keep bringing up things like this, you hold people in bondage and keep them from moving forward. This causes people to be moved in a counter direction based on what was done for them or to them, instead of what thus saith the Lord about them and their future. You see, God has a plan for you but whenever you are manipulated into doing something because someone feels you owe them, then you step outside of your designated path and you are moved out of God's will. That is witchcraft once again. You see, when you call the psychic hotline or use tarot card, horoscopes, or any other form of guidance other than the word of God, you change your course based on what they say instead of what God says. This puts you in a very bad place. Witchcraft totally counters God's direction for you and it changes the course of people's lives. But even worse than that, people can be stopped or hindered by other people bringing up their past and holding on to things that should be forgotten. Let go of it! Whatever you did for a person should be a done deal. Stop bringing it up and using it to manipulate them. Don't be an occasion for them to be in debt to you. Let it go! What you have done for them should be God's business anyway and if you want him to reward you, then you have to stop seeking restitution for it.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 6:1-8
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Re: An Occasion to Owe

Message par Ally le Jeu 11 Sep - 12:06

Preach! cheers


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