Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

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Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

Message par Silver le Jeu 7 Jan - 2:39

Chaque semaine maintenant on a un fait divers ridicule concernant un autre athlete noir. Cette semaine c'est au tour de Gilbert Arenas, un basketeur des Washington Wizards qui gardait des(3) armes a feu dans son locker et l'aurait sortis pour menacer un de ces coequipiers pour une histoire d'argent , son coequipier aurait aussi sortis son revolver pour montrer qu'il etait pret pour un high noon. Un vrai truc ouf, comme on dit. L'histoire serait arrivee aux oreilles des dirigeants de la NBA qui a leur tour auraient informe les authorites. Arenas a reconnu avoir garde des armes a feu dans son placard . L;enquete se poursuit , mais Arenas en vrai immature se mit a blaguer sur cette histoire d'arme a feu sur Twitter, pire, il simule avant un match officiel une fusillade de ses coequipiers qui se sont mirent a rire. La NBA n'a pas trouve ca amusant du tout et vient de le suspendre indefiniment et sans salaire. Ceci n'est que le debut de ses mauvaises nouvelles parce quand la FBI va conclure son enquete , ca risque de faire mal. Franchement, pourquoi ces athletes noirs (et oui, faut pas se valer la face) se comportent en petits gamins sans aucun sense de responsabilite?

WHEN HE SAYS he doesn't want guns accessible in his home, doesn't want his children playing with them, he sounds as if he realizes weapons and small minds are a frightening combination.

Then Gilbert Arenas does a most infantile thing.
He plays with guns, in the presence of others, in the wake of a heated dispute.
He says it's all a joke, tries to giggle it off. Even as the incident becomes the talk of the NBA, Gilbert dismisses it in public and on Twitter, as if it involves water pistols. Shortly before Tuesday night's game, he draws both hands, mimicking the motion of shooting his teammates.
They laughed and played along.
But NBA commissioner David Stern was enraged. As law enforcement officials investigate, Stern on Wednesday stepped in with a cold dose of sanity. The league's one-man judge and jury announced he was smacking Arenas with an indefinite suspension.
"Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse," Stern said, his fury leaping off the page of his statement, "his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he's not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game."
The suspension might be 20 games, might be 40 games, quite likely will be the rest of the season. It cannot be too long.
Arenas, a former Warriors guard and three-time NBA All-Star with Washington, has acknowledged bringing three.
handguns into the Wizards locker room at Verizon Center last month.

They were on display, placed on a chair, according to multiple reports, apparently as a "playful" scare tactic.
This was Gilbert's response to a beef with young teammate Javaris Crittenton that reportedly began when trash talk escalated to anger during a card game while the Wizards were on an overnight flight after a Dec. 19 game in Phoenix.
The Wizards were off Dec. 20, but Arenas gathered his unloaded guns the next day, left his northern Virginia home and came to practice to play a very dangerous game.
"A misguided effort to play a joke on a teammate," he later said.
Never mind that Arenas' conduct violates District of Columbia law, which prohibits guns within the city limits, whether visible or concealed. Never mind that this is in violation of NBA policy, per the collective bargaining agreement, which states players are subject to discipline if they bring firearms into a league or team facility or to any other location when representing the team or the league.
Quite simply, guns and play don't belong in the same room. The word gunplay is an oxymoron.
Guns kill. People who play with them sometimes do regrettable things. A gun is the most tangible symbol of grief in our society, an instrument of violence and the preferred weapon of murderers. Guns have killed husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends and strangers.
Guns have been used to kill teammates.
The most notorious event linking guns and basketball teammates occurred in 2003, involving two players from Baylor University. Carlton Dotson, who killed Patrick Dennehy, pleaded guilty and is serving a 35-year sentence in Texas.
Dotson since has claimed he shot Dennehy in self-defense, because his friend and teammate had pointed a gun at him a few days earlier. Dotson later told the Washington Post he didn't know whether Dennehy was joking.
What we know is Dennehy died at age 21, felled by two close-range shots.
With two pulls of a trigger, their relationship evolved from roommates and teammates, from P-Dog and Dotty, to murderer and victim.
The case stands as one of the greatest tragedies ever associated with sports — and an example of the risks of introducing guns where they don't belong.
Stern is acutely aware that his league sometimes is profiled as being too thuggish, too gangsta, with wealthy athletes feeling an outsized sense of entitlement. Guns foster this perception, especially after former player Jayson Williams shot a limousine driver in 2002.
Williams, according to witnesses, was "playing" with a shotgun when it fired.
In Stern's league, there will be no displaying of guns, no playing with them and definitely no joking about displaying or playing with them. There is a reason why Arenas' team no longer is called the Bullets.
Until recently, Arenas, who turned 28 on Wednesday, was a marvelous player and a personal favorite of mine and many others. He was refreshingly goofy. In light of recent events, though, he is one of America's biggest idiots.


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Re: Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

Message par BOBBY DIGITAL le Jeu 7 Jan - 14:23

He has really earned his nickname Agent zero, you know, zero brains.


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Re: Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

Message par Nappy Soul le Jeu 7 Jan - 18:10

What's funny with Arenas is that his wife left him for Shaq , when I heard that he had guns in his locker, I was like Oh-Uh...? When are the Cavs coming to town? Dude is just having a bad coupla years.

Nappy Soul

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Re: Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

Message par le passant le Ven 8 Jan - 10:34

l'argent rend fou.

le passant

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Re: Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

Message par Le Negrier le Lun 11 Jan - 14:37

le passant a écrit:l'argent rend fou.

Dieu a parfois des mysteres. Pourquoi ne pas donner des millions a Le Passant, Silver, ou Yoshi qui saurons bien les gerer et aider plein des gens au lieu des gens comme ce gars?

Le Negrier

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Re: Alors! ils vont grandir quand ces athletes noirs?

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