Are black americans that "NO GOOD"?

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Are black americans that "NO GOOD"?

Message par Silver le Sam 13 Fév - 4:28

Here's yet another piece on black american females having a hard time finding good black american men to marry, since black men in american are supposedly NO GOOD. Worse of all, this is being discussed on a russian american tv program. Ok, black american men are no angels, but I am sure there are a lot of good ones out there. Is the situation as described in this piece a generalization of a few cases(in other words, is this another case of angry black female and ignorant white female stereotyping our american brothers) OR it is the sad truth? Please, weight in.


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Re: Are black americans that "NO GOOD"?

Message par Nappy Soul le Dim 14 Fév - 20:13

Makes sense...Dunno if it's applicable to all states and cities. My experience living in Dallas, in the club scene per example there was always more dudes than girls.Ladies had better picks than dudes, there was at least 3 dudes for every chick. In Houston it was the other way around. The same thing in LA and NYC. And Canada tops it off, overwhelming numbers of beautiful, smart women, not enough guys to attend to these ladies needs.

The ladies in this interview don't say that they don't like men from other ethnicities, they say, they're looking for men based on principled criteria that has to do with their families' opinion.Maybe it's time to say what the hell with what people think and live for your own sellfish happiness. Don't settle ladies for someone who doesn't love you a 100%, liek you deserve.

Nappy Soul

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Re: Are black americans that "NO GOOD"?

Message par CRyma le Sam 20 Fév - 12:11

Je ne sais pas, mais on dirait qu’au USA c’est un phénomène très fréquent. Même des quelques séjours que j’ai eu à passer la bas, le comportement de plusieurs hommes noirs m’ont tjrs dépassé. Que ce soit mon expérience dans vos clubs ou encore dans les rues américaines.

Ils donnent l’impression d’être des coureurs de jupon qui ne pensent qu’au sexe et rien qu’au sex. Je ne connais pas la societé noir des USA, je n’ai pas une forte expérience avec eux…..mais je parle du peu que j’ai vu et qui m’a dégouté.


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Re: Are black americans that "NO GOOD"?

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